Wheely Wheely Big Win

Where There's A Wheel There's A Way
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Wheely Wheely Big Win is unique in that it takes roulette and makes it accessible to every level of player in a fun, exclusive twist on the traditional game. Players must spin two conjoined wheels – one red, one black – in order to hit that sweet spot and bag a wheely wheely big win.

  • The arrows on the inner and outer wheels in the centre of the screen can be adjusted to determine how much, or how little, of the wheels are active in the game.
  • The bigger the segment of wheel, the more chance there is of a win (the aim is to land both the inner and outer wheel sections on the arrow at the top of the game).
  • If only a small section of each wheel is left in the game, the amount that can be won is much higher, seeing as the chances of winning are lower.
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Coming soon
RTP 94.2% - 95.94%
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