Slingo Shuffle Roulette

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This slingo casino experience is suitable for beginners and pros alike, combining the traditional skill-based game of roulette with the fast-paced fun of slingo. Players use Cherub Cards, Devil Cards and of course complete suits to beat the dealer.

Players can bet on:

  • Individual cards – when a player’s chosen card appears, they’ll get a slingo win
  • Groups of 2 adjacent cards – if both of the player’s cards appear, they receive a win
  • Groups of 4 adjacent cards – if all 4 of their chosen cards appear, they get a win
  • Complete groups of numbers – players get a win if all 4 of one number card appears
  • Complete suits – a win is awarded when all cards in a player’s chosen suit appear
  • Joker – if a player draws a joker as their first card, they’ll get a win

Red Devil Cards: Brings the game to a close

Green Devil Cards: Gives a 9/10 chance to keep playing – players must choose 1 Cherub card from the 10 that are presented in order to keep playing. If players choose a Devil, the game will end

Extra Cards: If players are one card away from winning when a Devil card appears, they can buy the next card from the deck for a fixed price to increase their chances of getting a big win! Fingers crossed!

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