Monopoly Slingo

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August 2019

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Slingo Originals pulls yet another gem out of its community chest. Find all the familiar features from the classic board game mixed with the trademark Slingo format. This time, the Slingo grid is made up of property cards. Roll the die to move around the board and if you land on a property, you’ll mark off all the properties in the same set from the grid. If you manage to complete a Slingo, you’ll get a cash prize and multipliers will be applied to prizes in the win ladder if you land on all properties in a set!

  • SLINGOS = CASH: Land on a property to remove its set from the grid. Complete Slingos for cash prizes!
  • PROPERTIES = MULTIPLIERS:  Land on a whole set of properties to apply multipliers to all prizes in the win ladder
  • PLAYER-SELECTED VOLATILITY:  Choose from 4 different game configurations with more rolls or higher prizes  
Release Date
August 2019
Coming soon
RTP = 95.3%
ROLLS = 7-8
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