Baking Bonanza

Coming Soon
July 2018

We’re raisin the bar on instant games with this flantastic new addition to the Slingo Originals portfolio. You can pick and chews the cakes you want to bake to create your own paytable - so it really IS whisk vs reward! Choc full of wins, Baking Bonanza really lets you rise to the occasion - this game definitely takes the biscuit.

PLAYER SELECTED PAYTABLE - Players can choose the pays and volatility for each game
LINKED GAMES - Ingredients are collected across 5 spins
EXTRA SPINS - Donut give up! Continue your game to complete your recipes and win more cookie dough

Release Date
July 2018
Coming soon
RTP: 90.4-95.2%
Volatility: Player Defined
Spins: 5
Extra Spins: Unlimited
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